FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions:


How do I make an appointment?

Click Advisors to schedule an appointment online or email your advisor to set an appointment. 

Why do you only take appointments?

By taking appointments, our advisors can be sure they are there and are prepared for the meeting with you.  If something comes up, we have your contact information so you don’t arrive at the advisor’s office and find our advisor not able to assist you.

What if I really just need to ask a quick question?

If you have a quick question, you can always send us an email or our office admins may be able to answer a general question you have.  Occasionally we offer walk-in hours which is a first-come, first-service opportunity to talk – quick questions taking only 10-15 minutes at most.  Otherwise, you will be asked to make an appointment.  Call the office to ask when walk-in hours are offered (801-863-8518).

How often do you answer emails?

We answer email every day, and make a point of responding no later than three days after an email is sent.  Sometimes you might get a response within ten minutes!

How soon can I make an appointment?

You can book appointments anywhere from 12 hours in advance to 3 weeks in advance.  There are NO same day appointments.

What should I bring to my appointment?

Ideally, you should come prepared for your appointment by first reviewing your Wolverine Track and identifying what classes you are interested in and what degree you are wanting to major in.

What if I’m late for my appointment?

If you're more than ten minutes late, you might be told to reschedule.  As your advisor, we will be there on time and prepared for you, and it is your responsibility and common courtesy to do the same in return.

Why does the lower division classes have classes listed with no time under a class taught by the same teacher?

This is because the lower division classes have required language lab time that students must participate in, and with the requirements of the scheduling department to list the class as having a lab listed underneath the class, it appears like there are two classes taught by the same instructor, but with no time listed. This is not a second class waiting for a time to be listed. This is part of the class above it. All classes have been assigned a time. Sometimes an instructor may not be listed quite yet.

I am trying to register for a 3000-level class but I have a restriction. I fit all of the pre-requisites but I still can’t register! Can you help me please?

The likely reason this student cannot register is not a prerequisite problem, but University Advanced Standing (UAS). UAS can be a hurdle for all students across campus but it seems to impact our language students more than most. To earn UAS, a student must complete English 2010, 2020 or equivalent and math 1030 requirements for general education along with a minimum of 24 credits 1000 or higher. If a student does not have UAS, the system does not allow them to register for any upper division courses (3000 or above), with the exception of our 3050 courses in our department. So even if a student has the necessary prerequisites for a class, overrides are necessary if they do not yet have UAS. Contact a language advisor by email, make an appointment or come in on a walk-in day and they will confirm that this is the reason for the hold and lift it. Be aware that this will be a problem every semester until you complete your UAS. Sarah Lindsey sarahl@uvu.edu; Kaye Fugal fugalkay@uvu.edu