How to schedule an appointment online

Step-by-step Instructions for Online Language Tutoring

In compliance with UVU's efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19, the Language lab will only offer online tutoring sessions for the Fall 2020 semester. Students may only book two appointments per week. We will be using Microsoft Teams for all tutoring appointments. Please become familiar with Teams before booking your appointments. 


  1. Schedule an appointment normally through the Language Lab main page
    1. You must enter your student email ( and your student ID when signing up for an appointment.
      1. If you are setting up a group session, be sure to include the student IDs for all of the students who will be in the meeting. 
      2. Put this information in the "Group Size" box in the appointment form.
  2. Before your appointment
    1. Look for an email from your tutor. You will see an invitation from your tutor to accept an invitation to a Microsoft Teams meeting. 
      1. Note: This email will arrive approximately 5-10 minutes before your appointment. If you don't see it, try searching your inbox for it.  
      2. Note: This is different than the automated confirmation email you will receive after setting the appointment.
      3. If you can't find this email, send an email to and let them know.
        1. Include your first and last name, Student ID, Student email address, class, and instructor name.
      4. If you made your appointment with a personal email, this may be why you didn't receive this email. 
    2. Have your UVU Microsoft Suite Login ready, which is different than your email ( 
    3. Accept the invitation and join with your UVU Microsoft Suite Login. 
  3. Opening the tutoring session
    1. Make sure you are connected to stable internet. Hardwired, ethernet connection to a desktop computer is ideal.
    2. Open the second email you received regarding the appointment (the one from you tutor) and click the link to the Teams meeting. 
  4.  Conducting the tutoring session
    1. Make sure that your video and audio are enabled.
    2. Be patient with tutors. Everyone is adjusting to online tutoring and Teams. Be courteous and give the benefit of the doubt when dealing with technical issues. 
  5. Closing the tutoring session
    1. You may leave the session normally.

Students may only book a maximum of two appointments per week


     Q: Will there by face to face tutoring in Fall 2020?

     A: No. However, we will offer online tutoring for all languages with all of our current tutoring staff. Please be patient as we are all adjusting.


     Q: Can I enter any email account when I make an appointment?

     A: No. You must use your student email account. If you are experiencing severe delays in receiving your appointment link, it may be because you did not use your student email account. 


     Q: I don't have a link to my appointment yet. What's going on?

     A: Tutors will typically send links out for appointments ~10 minutes before they start. This is when you should be refreshing your email. If the appointment time has started but you still don't have a link, send an email to immediately we'll figure out what's going on. If this happens, keep your email open and refreshed.


     Q: Why are you using Microsoft Teams? 

     A: UVU has asked us to use Teams because of increased security, licensing, and student access. We will follow UVU policy. 


     Q: Why can't I book more than two sessions a week?

     A: This is the policy we have adopted to balance tutor availablity and student demand. Tutors and languages easily become bottlenecked during busy times of the semester, and it is unfair to other students to allow anyone more than two sessions a week. If you do set up more than two session a week, extra sessions will be removed. 


     Q: If I am an ASL student, can I use the ASL Lab?

     A: The ASL Lab is  open to upper division students in Fall 2020. Social distancing and safety guidelines for the ASL Lab are found here.