CAL Presidency

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Alan Walker 


Alan was born in Lindon, Utah.  In 2011, he came to UVU with a LEAD Housing Scholarship.  He finished up his Associates Degree in Biology the following year and left school to pursue an LDS Mission.  After medical issues, he came back to school in 2013 to finish his degree.  Alan changed his major from Biology to a major in Forensic Science, minor in Criminal Justice, Pre-Med, with the intention of going to Medical School. He applied and received the position of President of the Center for the Advancement of Leadership in which he currently serves.  He plans on graduating with his major, finishing his pre-med requirements, and starting medical school in the year 2018. 

Alan thoroughly enjoys his time at UVU and the amazing opportunities which it provides.  


Hope Wotherspoon

Spencer Brown 

Vice President

Spencer was appointed Val Peterson’s Presidential Intern in August 2014.  He actively participated and assisted Val in his many responsibilities from Facilities, Finance, Information Technology, Athletics, University Compliance, Internal Audit, Emergency Preparedness, and Risk Management.  Spencer believes this position will help him in his life’s ambition of higher education and in reaching his full potential.

Before serving a full-time LDS mission in Spain, Málaga, Spencer walked-on to the Men’s Basketball team at Utah Valley University.  Since his return, he has served as an Ambassador Manager for Prospective Student Services, overseeing 6 other ambassadors, much of the transfer recruitment, and campus tours.  Currently, Spencer is a Wolverine Ambassador, Stake Representative for the LDS Student Association, and is the founder and current president of UVU’s crochet and knit club (Hooked).  

Spencer is the Department Representative of Information Systems and Technology while pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems with an emphasis in Business Intelligence and a minor in Spanish and Business Management.  He has plans to obtain an MBA in the near future.  He is CAL's Vice President over Current Students.


Charles Mace

Hannah Stoner 

Vice President

Hannah grew up in San Diego, California and graduated from Westview High School.  Following graduation, she moved to Utah and began attending UVU in the fall of 2013.  She graduated from the LEAD program in the spring of 2014, earning her Engaged Learning University Distinction and is now serving as the Vice President of Alumni.  She is so grateful to be able to give back to the program that gave her so much during her first few years at UVU.  She’s also been a part of the Orientation program.  

She is a senior studying Criminal Justice with a minor in Accounting with aspirations of working in the forensic accounting field in an effort to combat financial fraud.  Hannah enjoys hiking, skiing, surfing, reading, and enjoying the outdoors.