High School Leadership Conference
October 27, 2014

Doug Nielsen

Take Life by the Helm: 3 Secrets to Live Your Best Life

The one hour you spend with Doug Nielsen could be the most important hour you have spent in years. You will learn 3 core principles to successfully building character as a leader. Engage the most powerful motivating force in your life to achieve your dreams and goals. Acquire the number one key to seize opportunities and discover how to overcome obstacles in your life. This transformational presentation will empower you to trust in your abilities to lead powerfully and to do right.

Doug Nielsen




Keynote Speaker

Keynote: Doug Nielsen

Past Conference Speakers

Doug Nielsen - October 2014
Take Life by the Helm: 3 Secrets to Live Your Best Life

Matt Townsend - October 2013

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Kyle & Michele Reyes - Circle of High Expectations: Leadership as a Village (mp3)