Learning Styles: ModesSomeone's looking at you

Visual Learner:

Visual learners require seeing. You form pictures and see words spelled, problems worked, or situations happening in your mind. You would rather play Pictionary, rather than Gestures or Taboo. When you understand something you will say 'I see,' and you do 'see it' in your mind. You want to see the words written down, a picture of something being described, a time line to remember events in history, or the assignment written on the board.

Helpful Hints for Improving Visual Input:
  • Sit in the front of the class or meeting so you can see everything.
  • Develop skill at note taking to change verbal input into visual input.
  • Sketch course content. Even the simplest sketch can help you remember ideas.
  • List your tasks - even the ones you have completed - just to have the satisfaction of visually crossing out tasks done.
  • Use notes on your favorite colored stickies to help you remember.
  • Evaluate the appearance of your study environment. Make it look conducive to learning. A well-placed poster or an uncluttered desk may help in clearing your mind to be able to study better.
  • Write yourself encouraging notes and post them where you can see them.
  • Picture yourself succeeding - visualize that 'A' on an assignment, test, or project.
Adapted from Managing the Mean Math Blues by Cheryl Ooten