Staff Datalist

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**obsolete - use staff cards instead - will be deleted 11/1/2022**


Kathren Brown Deputy Provost - Academic Administration 801-863-8700 BA-216 Administration   directory entry
Lesli Baker Library Director 801-863-8286 FL-503e Administration   directory entry
Kim Reich Assistant Director - Public Services 801-863-7326 FL-503d Administration y directory entry
Tim Rowley Assistant Director - Systems and Technical Services 801-863-8107 FL-503c Administration y directory entry
Amanda Leavitt Financial Coordinator 801-863-8808 FL-503b Administration   directory entry
Rebecca Krikava Administrative Support 801-863-8313 FL-503 Administration   directory entry
Catherine McIntyre Digitization Librarian 801-863-8821 FL-302b Archives y directory entry
Aimee Bastarache Archives Librarian 801-863-8173 FL-302 Archives y directory entry
Richard McLean Digitization Specialist 801-863-7066 FL-303a Archives   directory entry
Amy Roberts Specialist - Archives 801-863-4659 FL-303D Archives   directory entry
Mary Stephens Librarian - Assessment 801-863-8677 FL-318 Assessment y directory entry
Trevor Young Circulation Librarian 801-863-6846 FL-109d Circulation y directory entry
Rachel Armstrong Circulation Coordinator 801-863-6844 FL-109 Circulation   directory entry
Cory Robinson Circulation Assistant 801-863-8675 FL-109 Circulation   directory entry
Kate Hickman Circulation Assistant 801-863-8148 FL-109 Circulation   directory entry
Alison Fox Circulation Assistant 801-863-5842 FL-109 Circulation   directory entry
Bryce Williams Circulation Assistant 801-863-7371 FL-109 Circulation   directory entry
Jacques d'Emal Collection Management Librarian 801-863-8058 FL-214 Collection Development y directory entry
Shuyi Zhu Acquisitions Assistant 801-863-8279 FL-319 Collection Development   directory entry
Chelsea Frandsen Collection Management Supervisor 801-863-7112 FL-214 Collection Development   directory entry
Debbie Short Electronic Resources Librarian 801-863-6336 FL-319d Electronic Resources y directory entry
Annie Smith Reference/Instruction Librarian 801-863-8752 FL-410 Information Services y directory entry
Ben Wilson Reference/Instruction Librarian 801-863-8423 FL-408 Information Services y directory entry
Karen Sturtevant Reference/Instruction Librarian 801-863-7214 FL-413 Information Services y directory entry
Rachel Riter Librarian Instructional Design 801-863-8155 FL-411 Information Services y directory entry
Lauren Tolman Communication Specialist - Library Marketing 801-863-4935 FL-115 Marketing & Communications   directory entry
Suzanne Chappell Specialist 801-863-4782 FL-503 Marketing & Communications   directory entry
Emily Andrus Graphic Designer N/A FL-503 Marketing & Communications   directory entry
Richard Paustenbaugh Outreach Librarian 801-863-8751 FL-411 Patron Services y directory entry
Alan Stephens Electronic Reserve Specialist 801-863-7367 FL-109 Patron Services   directory entry
Alisha Robinson Interlibrary Loan Manager 801-863-8782 FL-105 Patron Services   directory entry
Christine Wasserbaech Supervisor - Roots of Knowledge 801-863-4847 FL-110 Roots of Knowledge   directory entry
Azucena Aguayo Systems Manager 801-863-8919 FL-319b Systems   directory entry
Skyler Jeppson Information Commons Manager 801-863-7369 FL-319 Systems   directory entry
Michelle Vick Web Manager N/A FL-319 Systems   directory entry
Sophie Porco Librarian - Technical Services 801-863-8780 FL-318b Technical Services y directory entry
Paul Kopp Cataloging Manager 801-863-8716 FL-318a Technical Services   directory entry
Alycia Pringle Library Assistant - Cataloging 801-863-8842 FL-318a Technical Services   directory entry
Linda Olsen Acquisitions Receiving Assistant 801-863-8763 FL-318a Technical Services   directory entry
Wendy Wise Serials Manager 801-863-8318 FL-318a Technical Services   directory entry

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