Media Equipment Checkout

The following equipment is available for checkout from the Circulation Desk on the first floor of the Library. Click on the icons to view the equipment or user manuals. For more details, including checkout times, please see our protocols listed below.



Audio Recorder - MP3 Picture
Audio Recorder - Tape Picture
Audio Recorder - Zoom Picture
Mic Adapter Picture
Mic Boom DSLR Picture
Mic Cable Picture
Mic Conference Picture
Mic SM58 Picture
Mic Stand Tabletop Picture
Mic Stand Picture
Speaker Picture
Speaker Set Picture
Wireless Mic Kit Picture
Wireless Mic Speaker Kit Picture


Canon Powershot Picture
Canon T2i Picture
Samsung S860 Picture
Selfie Arm Picture

Computers & Peripherals

3.5 Inch Floppy Picture
DVD Drive Picture
Laptop Mac Picture
Laptop PC Picture
Superdrive Mac Picture
Musical Keyboard Picture
Wacom Tablet Picture
Webcam Picture
Zip Drive Picture


Digital Media (DGM)

Nikon DSLR Backpack Picture
Nikon DSLR Blackbag Picture
Cintiq Pen Picture
Dongle Picture
Mbox Picture
Mic Kit Picture
Mic Kit - Boom Pole Picture
Mic - Wireless Picture
Mixer Picture
Tripod Picture
Video Camera - 150 Picture
Video Camera - DVC30 Picture


Clicker - Response Card Picture
Clicker - Kit Picture




3D Picture
Epson Picture
Overhead Picture
Panasonic Picture
Pocket Picture

Video Cameras

Canon Picture
Go Pro Picture
Panasonic Picture
Panasonic 2 Picture
Sony Picture
Sony Eximore Picture


ALD Headset Picture
Bluray Player Picture
DVD/VHS Player Picture
DVD Player - Portable Picture
Laser Disc Picture
Nook Color Picture
Document Camera Picture
Headphone Picture
Headset Conferencing Picture
Laser Pen Picture
Light Kit Picture
Photo Scanner Picture
Podium Tall Picture
Podium Small Picture
Skeleton Picture
Telescope Picture
Tripod Gorillapod Picture
Tripod Small Picture
TV Picture

Contact Us

Tony Jaskowick 
(801) 863-8675
Media Services
(801) 863-1111


  1. Patrons may only check out designated pieces of equipment. (See the equipment list above)
  2. Check out is for a minimum of 24 hours and requires a UVID or another valid form of photo ID
  3. All items will be checked out at, and returned to, the first floor Circulation Desk
  4. All user data must be saved on disc, flash drive, or to network directory, not checked out equipment
  5. Items will be checked for operability before being checked out again. Borrower will be notified if media item is inoperable or damaged
  6. Machine problems should be reported to circulation staff at time of check-in
  7. Borrower is responsible for damage due to negligence or unfamiliarity with equipment and/or loss due to negligence or theft
  8. All users must adhere to UVU's appropriate use guidelines
  9. Alumni and community patrons may not check out media equipment.