Librarians by Subject

College of Humanities & Social Sciences

  Anthropology Emily Bullough
  Archaeology Emily Bullough
  Behavioral Sciences Emily Bullough
  Communications Kim Rollins
  English & Literature Annie Smith
  History & Military Science Jacques d'Emal
  Humanities Anthony Morris
  International Studies Jacques d'Emal
  Languages Dustin Fife
  Philosophy Anthony Morris
  Political Science Jacques d'Emal
  Psychology Emily Bullough
  Sociology and Social Work Emily Bullough

Interdisciplinary Studies

  American Studies Annie Smith
  Environmental Studies Trevor Young
  Peace and Justice Studies Anthony Morris
  Religious Studies Anthony Morris

College of Science & Health

  Astronomy Trevor Young
  Biological Sciences Trevor Young
  Chemistry Trevor Young
  Dental Hygiene Debbie Short
  Earth Sciences Trevor Young
  Geography Trevor Young
  Mathematics Mark Stevens
  Nursing Debbie Short
  Nutrition Debbie Short
  Physical Education—Sports Debbie Short
  Physical Education—Teacher Education Debbie Short
  Physical Science Trevor Young
  Physics Trevor Young
  Public & Community Health Debbie Short
  Science—General Trevor Young

College of Technology & Computing

  AC & Refrigeration Tim Rowley
  Automotive Technology Tim Rowley
  Aviation Science Trevor Young
  Building Construction Tim Rowley
  Building Inspection Technology Tim Rowley
  Cabinetry & Architectural Woodwork Tim Rowley
  Collision Repair Technology Tim Rowley
  Construction Management Tim Rowley
  Culinary Arts Mark Stevens  
  Diesel Mechanics Technology Tim Rowley
  Electrical Automation & Robotics Technology Tim Rowley
  Electronic & Computer Technology Tim Rowley
  Engineering Graphics & Design Technology Tim Rowley
  Facilities Management Tim Rowley
  Lineman Technology Tim Rowley
  Technology Management Tim Rowley
  Welding Technology Tim Rowley

School of Computing

  Business Marketing Education Mark Stevens
  Computing & Networking Sciences Mark Stevens
  Digital Media Mark Stevens
  Electrical Engineering Tim Rowley
  Engineering Tim Rowley
  Information Systems & Technology Mark Stevens
  Mechatronics Engineering Tim Rowley

School of Public Services

  Criminal Justice & Law Enforcement Ben Wilson
  Emergency Services & Fire Science Trevor Young
  Forensic Science Ben Wilson

School of Education

  Education, Child & Family Studies Lesli Baker
  Education—Early Childhood Lesli Baker
  Education—Master's Level Lesli Baker
  Education—Special Education Lesli Baker
  Elementary Education Lesli Baker
  Secondary Education Lesli Baker

School of the Arts

  Art & Visual Communications Anthony Morris
  Art History Anthony Morris
  Dance Kim Rollins
  Music Anthony Morris
  Theatrical Arts Kim Rollins

University College

  Student Leadership and Success Studies (SLSS) Annie Smith
  Developmental Mathematics Mark Stevens
  English as a Second Language Annie Smith

Woodbury School of Business

  Accounting Ben Wilson
  Business Management Ben Wilson
  Economics Ben Wilson
  Finance Ben Wilson
  Hospitality Management Ben Wilson
  Legal Studies Ben Wilson

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Annie Smith Anthony Morris
Annie Smith Anthony Morris
801.863.8752 801.863.8780
LI 410 LI 318b
Ben Wilson Catherine McIntyre
Ben Wilson Catherine McIntyre
801.863.8423 801.863.8821
LI 408 LI 302b
Debbie Short Dustin Fife
Debbie Short Dustin Fife
801.863.6336 801.863.8751
LI 319d LI 411
Emily Bullough Jacques Demal
Emily Bullough Jacques d'Emal
801.863.7421 801.863.8058
LI 409 LI 318
Kim Rollins Lesli Baker
Kim Rollins Lesli Baker
801.863.7326 801.863.8286
LI 503d LI 503e
Mark Stevens Mary Naylor
Mark Stevens Mary Naylor
801.863.8155 801.863.8677
LI 319c LI 412
Tim Rowley Trevor Young
Tim Rowley Trevor Young
801.863.8107 801.863.6846
LI 503c LI 214b