Fall 2022 Welcome from Fulton Library Director

2 smiling students outside of the fulton library; one with a backpack on and one with a laptop on their lap.Fall 2022 is an exciting semester for the Fulton Library! We were busy this summer making improvements in the library to create more welcoming and user-friendly spaces. We spent much time over the last four years studying how students use different spaces in the library, and we conducted surveys to confirm our observations. Based on the results, we’re pleased to share the following updates you will be able to enjoy beginning this semester:

  • More open study space on the first floor with comfortable individual and group seating
  • Expanded family-friendly space for our student parents with the larger Gibson Family Study Suite
  • Individual study pods on the first and third floors for focused study
  • Media enhancements to study rooms throughout the building
  • An improved public address system for clearer emergency announcements when necessary

Although you may have a few interruptions in the building at the start of the semester, we are working hard to complete the projects as quickly as possible to improve your experiences in our building.

We appreciate your patience, and we hope you will enjoy the changes!