Equipment Checkout: Tech, School Supplies, & More at the Library

UVU student discussing equipment checkout with a library aide at the circulation desk, with another student walking by in the background.The library is known for cozy study spots, helpful librarians, and books galore, but did you know we offer equipment checkout for current students? From DSLR cameras and lighting equipment to laptops and hotspots, the library has the tools you need to start a new hobby or ace a class—all without buying the equipment yourself.

Checking out equipment is easy: bring your UVID or government-issued ID to the Circulation Desk, and a library aide will help you through the checkout process. Most equipment can be checked out for three days, but laptops and hotspots can be checked out for the whole semester. All equipment is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Interested in what equipment you can check out? Keep reading for the full rundown. And remember—it’s all free!

Laptops & Hotspots

Buying a laptop is a huge expense. Luckily, the library has Lenovo ThinkPads with built-in webcams and microphones; you’ll just need to fill out a laptop form prior to checkout.

Pair your laptop with a Wi-Fi hotspot and use the internet at home or on the go. The hotspots have unlimited data, so you don’t need to worry about overage costs or data usage.

Audio Equipment

Ever wanted to start podcasting, video recording, audio mixing, or live streaming? Visit the library for most styles of audio recording equipment before buying it yourself. Whatever your project, we have the tools you need, including specialty headphones, microphones, speakers, audio interfaces, and more. Start with an electric piano or keyboard, and then finish the project with all the cables, SD cards, and USB readers you need.

Video Equipment

Your next feature film is on us. Dabble in videography by checking out Canon video cameras, camcorders, and webcams, and create professional shots with our camera sliders and stabilizers.

Are you less of a filmmaker and more of a thrill seeker? Check out a GoPro. Pair it with our GoPro accessories—like mounts for bikes, helmets, chest harnesses, or more—then film your next adventure.

Photography Equipment

Interested in photography? Start a hobby or hold a photo shoot with our DSLR cameras. While you’re at the Circulation Desk, don’t forget to check out a backdrop, film to digital converter, tripod, or lighting kit (with LED lights, umbrellas, reflectors, light stands, cables, and more). We even have selfie sticks, shutter remotes, and smartphone tripods!

Presentation Equipment

Give your presentations a TedTalk-style flair—elevate your final projects and class assignments with tools from the library, like mics and stands, projectors and screens, and easels and podiums. Need a last-minute cable adapter? Adapter kits are available for check out at the Circulation Desk, along with presentation remotes, Blu-ray players, and speakers.

Exploration Equipment

Explore our world with anatomy models, geology rock collections, and Garmin GPS—then turn to the skies (and tell us what’s out there) by checking out a telescope.

Other Equipment

Need school supplies or tech? From phone chargers and flash drives to dry erase markers and school supply kits, we’ve got you covered. We even have rolling whiteboards, Bamboo drawing tablets, calculators, and extension cords. Next time you forget supplies at home, don’t panic—visit the Fulton Library instead.


If you have questions about equipment checkout, contact Danni Chesler (Equipment Manager) at 801-863-7168 or call the Circulation Desk at 801-863-8265.