Streaming Videos from the Fulton Library

How to Get Your Film Fix Through Your Library’s Databases

Stream documentaries, feature films, independent and news films from fulton libraryDid you know you can stream videos from the Fulton Library’s website? From the comfort of your coziest chair at home? It’s true! The library offers a wide variety of streaming videos in our online databases, including popular movies, educational documentaries, theater and music performances, and counseling videos. All you need is your UVID and password! 

You can find the library’s streaming videos in a couple ways: 

  • On the library’s homepage, click the VIDEOS tab. Then use the search videos box to search for keywords on your topic or for a specific video title. 
    • If you only want to see the online videos, click the “online streaming” option before running your search. Otherwise, you’ll see a mix of streaming videos and DVDs/Blu-rays you can check out at the library. 
  • Another option is to select the VIDEOS tab on the homepage, then click Video Databases (under the search box). From there, you can select a specific video streaming database to browse for videos! 
  • All video streaming databases are also listed on the library’s databases list. 

Academic Video Online (AVON) 

This database includes a huge variety of scholarly videos: documentaries, interviews, performances, news programs, and more. It includes thousands of Academy, Emmy, and Peabody winners, along with frequently used films for classroom instruction. 

Counseling and therapy sessions are a unique feature of this database. 


This database includes popular feature films, like A Quiet Place, Amélie, Get Out, and more! You’ll find new films, classics like Casablanca, plus films in foreign languages. 

Faculty can create an instructor account in Swank, allowing them to browse additional films available for the library to purchase. 


This resource focuses on documentaries on a variety of subject areas from award-winning educational film distributors like Bullfrog Films, Collective Eye Films, Icarus Films, and more. If you have an assignment to watch a documentary for a class Docuseek2 is a great place to look! 


This video database includes a mix of feature films and educational documentaries from award-winning film makers, such as I Am Not Your Negro, Reel Injun, and Super Size Me. If you see a film in Kanopy that the library doesn’t already own, you can submit a form to ask the library to consider buying it. 

Performing Arts Video Databases

Get artistically inspired with streaming videos of fine arts performances! Performance databases include Dance in Video, Opera in Video, Classical Music in Video, Classical Performance in Video, and On the Boards. 


If you have questions about using any of these resources or about videos available through the library, just ask a librarian or stop by the circulation desk on the library’s first floor! 

Faculty in need of assistance adding a film to your Canvas course can contact Alan Stephens or your Subject Librarian.