Studying and Taking Tests in the Library

" "With modified services in response to COVID-19, some of the biggest questions we hear from students are where they can go on campus to study, attend live-streaming classes, and take online tests. While things are different this semester, the Fulton Library is here to provide students with the spaces and tools they need to succeed! 

Studying and Attending Online Classes in the Library

All five floors of the library are open, and students can find individual study spaces throughout the library. The number of computers and chairs have been reduced to help maintain physical distancing, and face coverings are required in the building. Students can help keep themselves, other students, AND our employees safe by keeping face coverings over the mouth and nose while studying—we know it’s tempting to pull it down once comfortably seated, but resist the temptation and keep that mask on! We also ask that students maintain distance from other students, not move furniture, and use the cleaning wipes stationed around the library to wipe down workspaces before and after use.

Floors 1-2, Computer Labs

Floors one and two include open computer labs, where students can use a library computer to study, attend live-streaming classes, and print. A current UVID and password is required to use the computers. To help make sure there are enough computers for students, we are not currently able to accommodate campus guests. Please see the UVU Student Computing website for information on available software in the labs, software you can access for free from home, and other labs on campus.

Floors 3-5, Quiet Study

These floors are designated quiet study spaces and great for studying or attending live-streaming classes on your own computer. Just remember to use headphones and keep your voice down—and enjoy the beautiful views! There are also a few computers on these floors, as well as printers.

 We sincerely apologize, but we are unable to provide space for group work at this time, due to social distancing requirements. 

Taking Online Tests in the Library

 While students may be able to take online tests on computers in the open labs or in other quiet study spaces, tests that require Proctorio are difficult to take in public spaces. Unexpected noises or people walking behind you can set off alerts in the testing software. Taking a test should be as stress free as possible, so we’ve provided private spaces specifically for test taking!

 Nine study rooms on the library’s 4th floor have been repurposed for students to take online tests. Rooms can be reserved two hours per day and up to six days in advance. Students are responsible for wiping down the workspace before and after use. These rooms are not available for groups or private studying to ensure the rooms are available for students who need a space to take a test.

 Ready to take an online test? Click the Study Rooms box on the library’s homepage to make a room reservation!

 Please note, the library does not provide proctoring services, only private rooms to help with test taking. These rooms do not include a computer, so you will need to bring a laptop. Or….

What if I Don’t Have My Own Laptop?

 No problem, you can check out a free laptop from the library for the entire semester! Then you can use the laptop for online learning at home or in the library—wherever fits your needs best. We also have free Wi-Fi hotspots available for checkout, that are especially helpful if you don’t have internet access at home or if your internet connection is spotty.

 Supplies are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis—so don’t delay! Students in need of a laptop or hotspot should fill out the Laptop/Hotspot Checkout Form online prior to coming to the library. To check out equipment, go to the Circulation Desk on the library’s first floor and bring your UVID card.

 Questions? Contact us if you have any questions using the Ask a Librarian options on the library’s homepage or calling 801.863.8265.