Roots of Knowledge Video Contest

Use your creativity to develop an original video that can be used to illustrate the impact of various objects in Roots of Knowledge. The top videos may be included on the Roots of Knowledge website, in the app, or in a number of ways to promote the stained-glass project.


  • Videos should be original works focusing on one object from Roots of Knowledge.
  • Videos should communicate the history of the object in a way to demonstrate its significance. 

About Your Video

  • Videos must be no longer than 3 minutes. Videos exceeding 3 minutes will be disqualified.
  • Videos may be submitted by individuals or teams
  • All content for videos must be reviewed by an appropriate UVU faculty member prior to submission, and the faculty member's signature must be included on the entry form.
  • All entries must be submitted by September 30, 2017
  • Entries must contain either credits or a works cited list.
  • All videos must include captions and a transcript.
  • Videos are not required to feature footage from the Root of Knowledge windows.

Who Can Enter?

  • The contest is open to students currently enrolled at UVU. 

How do I enter?

  • Download the contest entry form and fill out the required information.
  • Consult an appropriate UVU faculty member to verify the content and include the faculty member’s signature on the contest entry form.
  • Upload your video using the online submission form and include your entry form. Make sure to be logged into your MyUVU gmail account or the form will not load.
  • Sign and submit your completed entry form by 11:59pm (MST) on September 30, 2017. 


  • Judging will take place shortly after September 30, 2017 by a committee of UVU faculty and staff. Videos will be judged according on the following:
    • Creativity
    • Execution
    • Clarity and accuracy of information
    • Support for Roots of Knowledge 


  • First, second, and third place prizes will be award as follows:
    • First Place - $1000
    • Second Place – $500
    • Third Place – Art Kit
  • If the organizers deem an insufficient number or quality of entries are submitted, all prizes will not be awarded.
  • Winners will be notified by early November. Entries that are not selected will not be notified.
  • Prizes may be reduced


  • Videos must not infringe upon or violate any laws or third party rights, including, but not limited to, copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or other proprietary rights and must not lead to any cause of action including level, defamation, privacy violation, contract breach or tort. Contestants must obtain all necessary permission, licenses, clearances, releases, waivers of moral rights and other approvals from third parties (including but not limited to all copyright holders and all individuals appearing in the video submission), necessary to use the video submission. In whole or in part, in any way, including without limitation, to reproduce, make derivative, edit, modify, translate, distribute, transmit, publish, license and broadcast the video submission worldwide, by any means. Any and all such permissions, licenses, clearances, releases, waivers or moral rights and approvals must be attached to the contest entry form.
  • All video submissions must be respectful and courteous.
  • All videos must be in English.
  • All videos must include captions.
  • Personal safety for you, your crew, and your cast is important when making the video. Do not endanger anyone when making the film. Do not portray any dangerous task in your video.
  • Obtain permission to film in any location from the site owner prior to filming.
  • Creators of materials selected to be included in the Roots of Knowledge project will need to sign the release form available at

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