Scholars' Open Archive


UVU Library is offering an exciting online service called "Scholars' Open Archive." It allows any UVU faculty or staff member to create an open access showcase of his or her research including, but not limited to, previously published pieces. The results are indexed in Google and other search engines, allowing for greater visibility for both the individual and the institution.

Scholars’ Open Archive provides:

  • Open access to research, including articles, preprints, presentations, courses, and chapters
  • Sites that are easy for faculty or staff to create, customize, and manage themselves
  • Ability to accept materials in multiple media formats, such as audio, video, and PowerPoint
  • Usage and download statistics


Getting Started

  1. Create Account
    1. Go to
    2. Click Create Profile (left side bar under For Authors)
    3. Fill out the form on the corresponding page
    4. Click Create Account.  An email with an account activation link will be sent to your email address
    5. Click on the Confirm Account link in the confirmation email
  2. Create Profile
    • Once you click on the Confirm Account link, it will take you directly to your account. Fill out the Build your SelectedWorks form:
      • Choose a profile URL
        • This cannot be changed once your profile is created. Use default or edit as necessary
      • Select Discipline
        • Enter term in browse field to quickly search or drill down in the list. Check box to select
      • Enter Institution
        • Start typing and then select from default list “Utah Valley University”
      • Choose Organization
        • Enter an organization if applicable
      • Choose Position
        • Select from down list
      • Enter Position Title
        • For example, “Professor of Law”
      • Click Create Profile
        • Make sure “I agree with the Terms of Service” is checked 
  3. Notify Catherine McIntyre, SOA Administrator, that you’ve created an account.  She will enable your visibility in the Author Gallery (required) as well as the options to be identified as an Expert and/or as a Mentor.  Her email is

Examples of SelectedWorks sites

For Additional Information and Assistance

  • Please contact Catherine McIntyre at 801.863.8821 or by email at
  • Visit the Selected Works Users' Guide and FAQ section.