Research Guide: Body Image & Media

Finding Articles

Try using the following suggested keyword searches in the OneSearch box below.

“body image” and “social media”
“body dissatisfaction” and “mass media”
“weight loss” and television
“weight loss” and television
“eating disorders” and advertisement
“anorexia nervosa” and “social media”
“body building” and masculinity
“self-esteem” and “mass media”
confidence and “social media”
media and psychology



You can also find articles on body image and the media using ScienceDirect.

Background Information

The following books and videos provide background information for beginning research on body image and the media.
Title Availability
Body Image: A Handbook of Science, Practice, and Prevention BF 697.5 B63 B617 2011, 4th Floor
Body of Truth: How Science, History, and Culture Drive Our Obsession with Weight and What We Can Do About it RM222.2 B7834 2015, 4th Floor
Media and Body Image: If Looks Could Kill P94.6 W95 2006, 4th Floor
Positive Body Image Online Only
Body Image: Perceptions, Interpretations and Attitudes Online Only
Cosmetic Gaze: Body Modification and the Construction of Beauty Online Only
Getting Under the Skin: Body and Media Theory Online Only

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