Research Guide: Bullying

Finding Articles

Some good searches for this topic include:

bullying AND prevention
bullying AND psychology
bullying AND "victim psychology"
bullying AND schools
bullying AND workplace
bullying AND victimization
bullying AND "school violence"
cyber-bullying AND prevention
cyber-bullying AND legislation




Background Information

The following books provide background information for beginning research on bullying.
Title Availability
Bullying Behavior: Current Issues, Research, and Interventions BF637. B85 B857 2002, 4th Floor
Confronting Cyber-Bullying: What Schools Need to Know to Control Misconduct and Avoid Legal Consequences KF5210. S52 2009, 4th Floor
Confronting School Bullying: Kids, Culture, and the Making a Social Problem LB3013.3 .C537 2014, 4th Floor
Cyber-bullying: Issues and Solutions for the School, the Classroom and the Home LB3013.3 .S467 2008, 4th Floor

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