Research Guide: Company Research

Background Information


If your company is not listed in one of these, do not forget to search local or regional telephone books, locate the company's web site, or use a web directory such as Bigfoot.

Standard & Poor's Register of Corporations, Directors and Executives REF HG 4057. A 4 P 62
Utah Business Directory REF HF 5065. U 8 U 78

Company Profiles & Histories

These resources are ideal starting points when you are trying to find a quick snapshot of a company, and they provide good background information for more in depth research. Information generally includes: contact information, annual sales, number of employees, CEO, year founded, and type of business. Some may provide additional information such as a brief history or key financial data.

Mergent Online
Westlaw Campus Research
Hoover's Online Company Profiles
International Directory of Company Histories REF HD 2721. I 63
Standard & Poor's Corporation Records REF HG 4501. S 76635
Datamonitor Company Profiles Business Source Premier

Financial Data

The sources listed below will give you financial information for publicly held companies. For private companies, finding financial information may be difficult or impossible to find. Check the company's web site for information. Some private companies provide an annual report, and this may be linked from their web site.

Westlaw Campus Research
Mergent Online
Standard & Poor's Corporation Records REF HG 4501. S 76635

Journal Articles


Use this database to search through 1,800 business and economics journals, or find information on more than 60,000 companies.

Business Source Premier

Business Source Premier is a great place to start looking for information on business, management, human resources, economics, marketing, and much more.


JSTOR is a journal archive and can be used to locate older articles on all topics in business.

Web Sites

Business Directories

Investment/Profile Resources

For a quick profile of a public company's financial position, use one of the following:

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