Research Guide: Deaf Studies

Background Information

Books are available on the fourth floor. Archival materials are located in the Sutherland Archives on the third floor. DVDs and videos are on the second floor. Reference books can be found on the first floor. More books and videos about alternative medicine and remedies can be found using the Library's OneSearch.

American Deaf Culture: An Anthology HV 2545. A 43 1989
Deaf Culture Lectures [DVD videorecording]: An Inside View HV 2545. D 44 2006
Deaf History Reader HV 2530. D 43 2007
Deaf World: A Historical Reader and Primary Sourcebook HV 2545. D 434 2001
Gallaudet Dictionary of American Sign Language REF HV 2475. G 35 2005
Gallaudet Encyclopedia of Deaf People and Deafness REF HV 2365. G 35 1987
Inside Deaf Culture HV 2545. P 35 2005
Introduction to the Deaf Community [DVD videorecording] HV 2474. I 57 2007
No Walls of Stone: An Anthology of Literature by Deaf and Hard of Hearing Writers PS 508. D 43 N 6 1993
Reid O. Simonsen Collection of Deaf History Materials ARCHIVES AR 550Sim
Through Deaf Eyes [DVD videorecording] HV 2530. T 57 2007

Journal Articles

Academic Search Ultimate

Academic Search Premier multidisciplinary database is a great place to begin a search on any topic.

CINAHL Complete

This nursing and allied health database can be used to find information about the medical and physiological aspects of deafness.

Communication and Mass Media Complete

This database contains a wide array of articles about communication research, including articles about communication in the deaf community.

Education Full Text

This database includes thousands of articles about deaf education, deaf students, and more.


ERIC can be used in parallel with Education Full Text to locate articles on deaf education and research on deaf students.

Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition

This health database contains articles on the medical and physiological aspects of deafness.


This publisher produces dozens of journals in health, biology, psychology, and more. It can be used to find high quality articles on deaf research. Journal of deaf studies and deaf education (Third Floor: HV 2350. J 66). This journal publishes articles on deaf education and related topics.


JSTOR is a journal archive includes millions of articles on deaf studies, deaf education, sociology, communication, and related topics.

Project Muse

This journal archive contains recent articles on communication, deaf studies, deaf culture, and more.


PsycINFO is one of the premier psychology databases available. It can be used to find articles about the psychological aspects of deafness.

Sage Journals

Sage Publications produces a number of journals on communication, education, and sociology. Sign Language and Linguistics (Third Floor: HV 2502. S 546) This journal publishes articles on deaf communication and sign language.

ScienceDirect Journals

Elsevier publishes high-quality journals on communication and sociology. It can be used to locate thousands of articles on deaf studies and deaf culture.

Web Resources

The mission of the Deaf Academics organization is to foster interaction between Deaf and hard-of-hearing people in academic or research careers. In this way, we hope to encourage the professional development of our members.

Gallaudet University

Gallaudet University is the world leader in liberal education and career development for deaf and hard of hearing students. The University enjoys an international reputation for its outstanding programs and for the quality of the research it conducts on the history, language, culture, and other topics related to deaf people.


Handspeak offers comprehensive American Sign Language (ASL) online dictionary, ASL grammar, manual alphabet (fingerspelling), art and literature, lessons, and others.

National Cued Speech Association

The National Cued Speech Association was formed in 1982 to serve the needs of parents and special educators working with children who are deaf and hard of hearing. The NCSA is primarily an advocacy organization, and focuses on outreach, family and educator support, as well as community-based education in the form of Cue Camps and sponsored workshops. The NCSA also provides instructor certification for teaching Cued Speech classes.

Signing Savvy

Signing Savvy is a sign language dictionary containing several thousand high resolution videos of American Sign Language (ASL) signs, fingerspelled words, and other common signs used within the United States and Canada.

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