Research Guide: Gun Control

Finding Articles

Gun control is a big topic. We suggest narrowing your focus to a specific aspect of the topic. Here are some searches that can help you get started:

"gun control" AND "gun rights"
"gun control" AND "open carry"
"gun control" AND "concealed carry"
"gun control" AND safety
"gun control" AND "second amendment"




Background Information

The following books provide background information for beginning research on gun control.

  • Gun Control: A Documentary and Reference Guide
  • Floor 4, KF 3941. S 678 2009
  • Gun Control: Opposing Viewpoints
  • Floor 4, HV 7436. G 8677 2003
  • Can Gun Control Work?
  • HV 7436. J 3 2002
  • Gun Control: Background, Regulation and Legislation
  • Read Online
  • The Politics of Gun Control
  • Floor 4, HV 7436. S 68 2004
  • Encyclopedia of Gun Control and Gun Rights
  • Floor 1, KF 3941. A 68 U 88 2011

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