Research Guide: The Psychology of Relationships

Finding Articles

The psychology of relationships is a big topic. We suggest narrowing your focus to a specific aspect of relationships, like communication, affection, or expectations. Here are some searches that can help you get started:

"interpersonal relationships" AND "gender roles"
"interpersonal relationships" AND happiness
"interpersonal relationships" AND "communication skills"
"interpersonal relationships" AND "conflict management"
"interpersonal relationships" AND affection



You can also try searching for these terms in our psychology databases.

Background Information

The following books provide background information for beginning research on the psychology of relationships.

  • Psychology of Relationships
  • Read Online
  • The Neuroscience of Human Relationships: Attachment and the Developing Social Brain
  • Floor 4, QP 360. C 69 2014
  • Interdependent Minds: The Dynamics of Close Relationships
  • Floor 4, HQ 801. M 855 2011

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