Research Guide: World History

Background Information

More books on world history can be found on the fourth floor, in section D.

Cambridge Ancient History REF D 57. C 252
Cambridge Modern History REF D 208. N 4
Chicago Manual of Style REF LB 2369. T 8 2007
Contemporary Middle East Online only
Dictionary of the Middle Ages REF D 114. D 5
Dictionary of National Biography Online only
Dictionary of World History Online only
Historians and Historical Writing REF D 14. E 53
Encyclopedia of World History REF D 21. E 577
New Cambridge Medieval History REF D 117. N 48

Journal Articles

Academic Search Premier

This multidisciplinary database is a great place to start a search on any history topic, from the Neolithic to yesterday's news.

America: History and Life

This database specializes in American history from colonial times to the present.

Historical Abstracts

This database contains articles on world history from the fifteenth century (1400s) to the present.


This journal archive contains thousands of articles on political and social history from ancient times to the present.

Project Muse

This journal archive also contains world and American history articles, with an emphasis on American history.

Religion and Philosophy Collection

This database can be used to locate articles on theology, doctrine, religious history, philosophic schools of thought, and more.

Web Resources

American Memory

Huge collection of historical texts and images from the National Digital Library Project of the Library of Congress. Includes array of primary and archival documents, photographs, and more

British History Online

A digital library of primary and secondary sources in British history

EuroDocs: Primary Historical Documents from Western Europe

BYU's collection of on-line primary historical documents from Western Europe. Entries cover political, economic, social, and cultural history

European History Primary Sources

This index offers access to primary documents from across Europe. Browse by country, language, time period, and subject to locate sources. Topics range from history and politics to health and science to literature, music, and art.

The History

Maintained by the National Historical Society, this site provides a variety of history-related links, including archives, upcoming historical events and exhibits, multi-media and book reviews, and best of all, the capability to do keyword searches in selected electronic journals, some in full-text.

Holocaust Encyclopedia

One of the best and most reliable Holocaust sources on the web, this site has information for all ages, and from basic reference queries to advanced in-depth research. Available in multiple languages.

In the First Person

This database contains thousands of oral histories.

Military History Encyclopedia on the Web

Written and maintained by a trio of British military historians, this site offers definitions and biographies, as well as articles on weaponry, battles, and wars.

Online Encyclopedia of Mass Violence

This unique resource was created by a non-profit group dedicated to collecting and publishing information about crimes against humanity in the twentieth century. This online encyclopedia includes information from scholars, government reports, maps, chronologies, and much more.

Open Collections Program

The Harvard University Library has created a number of digital collections that share their historic book and image collections. This project allows scholars to see and use original manuscripts and images online. Current collections include Islamic heritage, epidemics, immigration, and many more.

Royal Society Journal Archive

The Royal Society offers full text access to their papers published between 1665 and 1940. Their journal archive can be used to search for and view original articles by Robert Boyle, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Benjamin Franklin, and many others.

United Nations

This site contains a wealth of statistical, legal, and historical information from around the world.


This database can be used not only to locate more books on a topic, but also archival material from libraries around the world.

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