Frequently Asked Questions

Finding Resources

How do I find articles?

Enter keywords in the OneSearch box on the Library’s homepage and click the magnifying glass to begin. To access a list of other databases, click the databases icon under OneSearch on the Library’s homepage. Hover over a database title to read a description and click on a database name to open it. Use the Narrow by Subject dropdown box at the top of the page to see a list of databases for a particular subject area. See our Library tutorials for more assistance.

How do I find books?

Click the Books tab above the search box on the Library’s homepage, then enter keywords, a title, or author in the search box and click the magnifying glass to start. Your results will include books located in the Library as well as ebooks. For more assistance, see our books page and our Library tutorials.

How do I find videos?

Click the Videos tab above the search box on the Library’s homepage, then enter keywords or a title in the search box and click the magnifying glass to start. Your results will include videos located in the Library as well as videos you can stream online. You can also search individual video streaming databases on our videos page. Our video collection is located on the second floor, as well as players for viewing VHS, Blu-ray, and DVDs.

How do I find articles from home?

You can access any database the UVU Library subscribes to from anywhere on or off campus. You will be prompted for your UVID and password when you begin a search in OneSearch or when you click on the name of a database.

How do I find full text copies of articles?

When you locate an article you’d like to read in a database, look for a PDF, HTML, or linked full text link to open the full text of the article. If these are not available, look for a Full Text Finder link and click to see if the full text article is available in a different database. If these options do not work, check to see if we subscribe to the journal you need using the Journals by Title link located under the Find option in the green navigation bar. Journals listed with a call number are located on the third floor. All others are available online.

If the Library does not subscribe to the journal you need, submit a request through Interlibrary Loan and we will get it for you for free.

How do I find articles and books not at UVU?

Articles and books not owned by UVU can be requested for free through the Library’s Interlibrary Loan service (linked on the homepage). Articles will be delivered electronically within two business days. Books take about seven to ten days and can be picked up at the first floor Circulation Desk. You will receive an email when your article or book is ready.

Can I check out materials at other university libraries?

Current UVU students, staff, and teaching faculty may borrow materials from other Utah college and university libraries courtesy of the Utah Academic Library Consortium. Contact the institution (UALC libraries) you plan to check out materials from for borrowing guidelines; they may require identifying documents.

 Finding Help

How do I find help?

If you are having trouble with your research or finding what you need, ask for help at the Reference Desk, located on the first floor in the Information Commons. We are always happy to help with any questions or problems.

The Reference Desk hours are:

Monday - Thursday 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Friday 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Call us at 801.863.8840, chat with us, or text us at 801.362.8176 during our scheduled hours. If you call or text after reference hours, we will get back to you the next business day. You can also email us and we will respond within 24-48 hours.

Hours may vary in summer.

How can I get help for technical issues logging into databases?

Using the Library

How do I get a Library card?

Your UVID card is your Library card. To get an ID card, visit Campus Connection in the Sorensen Student Center.

How can I check out Library materials?

Take the materials you need to check out to the first or second floor Circulation Desks, by the building exits. You will need to show your UVID card. You will receive an email receipt with due dates within 24 hours. Please see our checkout periods.

How do I check out books if I'm not a student or UVU employee?

Community patrons, including UVU alumni, may receive borrower privileges to check out materials for free. Community members must produce a current Utah state ID card (driver license, etc.), address, phone number, and email address. Privileges will be reviewed every six months.

I don't know when my books are due. How do I find out?

When you check out your items, you will receive an email receipt with due dates within 24 hours. If you have lost the receipt, you can find your due dates by logging in to your account, calling us at 801.863.8886, or asking at the Circulation Desks. You are solely responsible for keeping track of your items and returning them on time, and you are responsible for all items checked out on your account and any accrued fines and fees. Please see our checkout periods.

How can I renew Library materials?

To renew checked out Library materials, click the Login link in the green navigation bar on the Library’s homepage, then click Renew My Materials and log in with your UVID and password. You can also call the Library at 801.863.8886 or ask at the Circulation Desks. Reserve items and items on hold may not be renewed.

How can I use the Library computers?

All computers in the Information Commons Lab on the first floor and the Campus View Lab on the second floor are available for UVU student, faculty, and staff use. Log in with your UVID and password. The computers have the complete Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud suites. The Mac computers also have multimedia programs like Avid and Adobe products.

Guests: If you need to use a computer but are not a current UVU student or employee, you will need to visit the Reference Desk on the first floor to be logged in as a guest. You will need to show photo ID.

About the Library

How do I find the Library?

The UVU Library is located at the north side of the main Orem campus, between the Liberal Arts and Classroom Building.

How do I make a suggestion or comment about the Library?

We would love any input you might have on resources and services for the Library. You can leave comments in the suggestion box at the Reference Desk, complete our online suggestion form, or send an email to Library Director Lesli Baker.

How can I check Lost and Found?

Lost and found is located at the first floor Circulation Desk. Stop by or call 801.863.8886 to check for your lost item. Campus Connection employees regularly pick up items from the Library and move them to the main campus lost and found. If your item is not in the Library’s lost and found, contact Campus Connection.

How can I make a donation to the Library?

Donations are appreciated and encouraged. Please see our donating to the Library page.

How can I suggest a book for the Library to purchase?

We welcome suggestions for the Library to purchase. If there is a book, video, CD, or other item you would like to see in the Library's collections, tell us about it by filling in a suggestions for purchase form. (Submitting a request does not guarantee that the Library will purchase that item.)

Fines and Fees

If my items are late how much do I pay?

Fine accrual rates
Books, Maps, CDs $0.25/day Up to $5.00
DVDs & Blu-rays $1.00/day Up to $25.00
Reserve Items $2.00/hr or $25.00/day Up to $50.00
Equipment $25.00/day Up to $50.00

Can I get my fines/fees waived?

Library fines associated with item replacement costs cannot be waived. Late fines may be waived by filling out a Fine Appeal Form at the first floor Circulation Desk. These forms include space for comments. The comments are taken into consideration along with other factors, including your history with the Library. Please allow 3-5 days for a response.

I didn't receive any overdue notices and now I have a fine. Do I still have to pay?

You are responsible for knowing all due dates on items you have checked out. If you are not receiving notices, let us know (801.863.8886) so we can make sure we have your correct e-mail address on file.

I checked out an item for a friend and now I have a fine. What do I do?

Do not check out items for other people. Because you are the borrower on record, you are responsible for the items on your account. It is up to you to contact your friend and ascertain the whereabouts of the checked-out item(s).

I'm being charged for items I've never checked out. What do I do?

Let the Library know that you have not checked the item(s) out, either by phone at 801.863.8886 or in person. We will search for the items and, if they are found, will remove them from your account along with any charges.

I lost my library book. Do I have to pay to have it replaced?

If you cannot find the item(s), you will be charged the replacement cost plus an additional $10.00 processing fee per item. If the item(s) are located and returned, the replacement cost may be waived and you will only be responsible for the processing fee.

I damaged my library book. Do I have to pay to have it replaced?

Damaged items will be evaluated for usability before a fee is attached. If the item(s) needs to be replaced, you will be charged the replacement cost and an additional $10 processing fee per item.

How do I find out why a Library hold has been placed on my student record that prevents me from registering for classes?

Any unpaid fine or fee to the Library could result in a hold being placed on a student's UVU records. This will prevent the student from registering or obtaining transcripts until the situation is rectified. Payment for fines or fees can be made at the first floor Circulation Desk or at the cashier's office. For any questions related to Library fines or fees, call 801.863.8886.

Scheduling Instruction

Why are the boxes to select the reservation time grayed out or unclickable?

The request date is closer than 5 days away—requests must be made at least 5 days in advance. Contact our Instruction Coordinator at 801.863.7421 to make this reservation. If library instruction is needed, we may need to schedule it at a later date to ensure a librarian is available.

How do I schedule a librarian to provide instruction to my class?

When completing your reservation request using the online scheduling system, choose the option for “I would like a librarian to teach the class.” The Instruction Coordinator will see the reservation request and arrange for a librarian to teach your class. You may also contact the Instruction Coordinator at 801.863.7421 to arrange for a librarian to instruct your class.

What is included in library instruction with a librarian?

See Library instruction program overview or contact our Instruction Coordinator at 801.863.7421.

Who can schedule a library computer lab?

Current UVU faculty and staff may reserve the library instruction labs. Students, faculty, and staff can also schedule a Library group study room. Contact Campus Scheduling at 801.863.8883 if you are not UVU faculty or staff and need to reserve a room on campus. See building use protocols.

What types of sessions can I schedule in the computer lab?

Instruction labs are primarily available for information literacy instruction with a librarian and for student work on research assignments. Other lab requests must be approved by the Instruction Coordinator (801.863.7421). You will receive an email indicating if the Library is able to accommodate your request after you submit your reservation request. See instruction & lab scheduling protocols.

How many computer lab sessions can I schedule?

Recurring semester-length classes may not be scheduled in the instruction labs, and instructors must limit their reservations to three class sessions per section each semester. Additional sessions may be scheduled on a case-by-case basis if the lab is available the week of the session. See instruction & lab scheduling protocols.

How do I find out which librarian is teaching my class?

Once the reservation has been accepted contact our Instruction Coordinator at 801.863.7421.

Who do I contact if I am interested in having a librarian cover different topics?

Contact our Instruction Coordinator at 801.863.7421 or include detailed notes in your reservation request.

What if I have more students than there are seats?

It is a fire hazard to overcrowd the room. You will need to book both LI 207 and LI 206 and include a note in your reservation asking to have the dividing wall removed or book a different lab on campus.

How do I remove the wall dividing FL 206 and FL 207?

Contact our Instruction Coordinator at 801.863.7421 ahead of time for assistance. Do not attempt to open the wall yourself; a tool and special care is required.

How do I add software to the lab computers?

Contact our Information Commons Manager at 801.863.7369 to discuss the possibility of adding additional software.

Can I bring food into the lab?

No, the computer labs are food free. If you are holding an event with catering, contact our Administrative Support at 801.863.8313 to reserve a library seminar room.

Interlibrary Loan

What is Interlibrary Loan?

When patrons want material that is not available at the UVU Library, we ask other agencies to provide it.

What is Scan & Deliver?

It is a free document delivery service for students, faculty, and staff needing copies from print materials owned by the UVU Library.

What can I request?

Most library materials will be loaned upon request. Parts of anything from the Library and physical collection may be scanned.

Who can use Interlibrary Loan and Scan & Deliver?

All Utah Valley University students, faculty, and staff.

Can I renew something I’ve requested?

Renewals should be requested only in unusual circumstances, and requests should be made at least three days prior to the due date. Failure to return items on time may result in suspension of Interlibrary Loan privileges and a block on your student account.

Are there limits on what can be scanned?

You may make up to five single chapter or article requests per person per day, depending on staffing and overall request volume.

Contact Us

Circulation Desk: 801.863.8886
Reference Desk: 801.863.8840