Off-campus Troubleshooting

The Library offers off campus access to many of our databases and journals. In order to be able to use these resources from home:

Frequently Asked Questions

I keep getting "Incorrect Username/UVID or Password. Please try again." message. What's wrong?

The Library databases authenticate with the same use account name and password as you use to access myUVU. On rare occasions, an account may need to be "synchronized" by the Information Technology Service Desk. To reach them, call the IT Service Desk at 801.863.8888.

If you've had Campus IT synchronize your account, and you still cannot access the Library databases, call 801.863.8840, and the reference librarian will put you in contact with a systems librarian to resolve the problem.

Why doesn't my bookmark to an article work?

Due to licensing agreements, you need to access the databases through the Library's web site. Retrace your steps by starting at the Library's web site, selecting the database, and entering your login information to connect to the database again where you can then search for the title of the article or use the same keywords you did to find the article previously.

Why doesn't my standard login work?


You must currently be taking classes to have access to Library computers and databases.


If your password has expired or are using the grace logins to access the computers on campus, you will need to change your password to get access. Contact the Service Desk at 801.863.8888 to determine if your password has expired.

Why do I get the 'Page Not Found' or a "menu.htm" page?

Try closing your browser, reopening it, and redoing the search. If the problem persists, please call 801.863.8840.

I'm getting a message that says "You have exceeded the download maximum for this database..." What do I do?

Contact our systems department at 801.863.8155 to reinstate your account.

What does the message "within this database's section of exproxy.cfg, the following line must be added" mean?

For this error, we must enter this database into our system. Contact our systems department at 801.863.8155 with the specific database you were accessing.

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