Group Study Rooms


Group Study

  • 2-6 students
  • Whiteboard


  • 2-6 Students
  • 55" Display


  • 2-10 students
  • Whiteboard
  • 55" display

Media Viewing

  • 2-6 students
  • 55" Display
  • BluRay & VHS Players


Updated: December 20, 2017

This protocol is governed by UVU Policy 421, 425, 322, and 541.

UVU Fulton Library provides group study and media viewing rooms for UVU students, faculty, and staff use only. One room can be reserved for up to four hours per 24-hour period and up to four days in advance. If not claimed within the first 15 minutes of the reservation time, a room can be claimed by another group. This forfeit is for the entire block of time reserved. An individual user may be asked to move by a library employee if a group needs the room. Rooms are intended for limited use and not for ongoing, regularly scheduled meetings or classes.

Both Fulton Library & Clarke Building room reservations are made using the above button.

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