2.3 Finding Books on the Shelf

Once you have found a book you'd like to take a closer look at, it's time to find it on the shelf. Before you head up to the shelves, make sure that you have the call number. A call number is a book's address, and every item in the Library has one. Without a call number, you won't be able to find the book you want.

You will need to note the book's location in the Library. Most of our books are on the fourth floor, but we also have reference books and browsing books on the first floor, music scores on the second floor, and curriculum books and children's books on the third floor. To find an item by call number, use the silver signs at the top of each bookshelf to navigate to the right row. Then look closely at the spines of the books to find the section that has your book.

If you get lost or can't find your book, come ask for help!

This is the end of Part Two

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