More Tools

screen shot of homepage showing groupstudyrooms, interlibrary loan, archives, research guides, tutorials, and reserves


Sometimes instructors put documents or videos on reserve to view online. To get to them, I click on the Reserves link.

Group Study Rooms

I love working with other students, but it can be hard to find a place for all of us to get together. The Library has study rooms that I can reserve online just by clicking on the study rooms link!

Library Tutorials

If I forget how to do something, I can always watch one of the Library's short tutorials on evaluating information, creating keywords, and more.

Research Guides

The research guides list useful sources for getting started on a variety of different topics, including related books, databases, and websites. These are great for helping me get started with my research.

Interlibrary Loan

If the UVU library doesn't have the book or article I want they can get it for me—for free!—through interlibrary loan.
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