2.4 Creating Search Statements

Search statements are combinations of keywords used to search library catalogsA specialized database that can be used to search for books, videos, ebooks, CDs, and other items the Library owns.question mark question mark, databases, and search engines. The simplest search statement is a single word, but often this will give you thousands of results and many that aren't related to your topic. Using Boolean operators (AND and OR), phrase searching, and truncation allows me to build precise searches. I also use at least three keywords to make my search specific enough.

Since most systems don't understand how I normally speak, I need to show the system how it should process my keywords. To do this, I combine my keywords with AND and OR.

AND narrows and focuses my search by retrieving only items that contain both words in my search statement: Example: MRSA AND treatment. Click Play to see AND in action.
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