2.6 The Information Timeline

Did you know that information appears at different times in a variety of places? The Information Timeline is a simple way to remember which sources will be most useful. Take a look at the video below to find out when different sources are available after something happens:

The first sources to appear tend to present just the facts. As time passes, writers and researchers will include more analysis and interpretation in their articles and books.

I use the timeline as a guide to where I look for my information. For example, if I hear about a major hospital that has just experienced an outbreak of MRSA, I would want to look at the sources toward the left end of the timeline (the Internet, TV, newspapers, and weekly magazines). But if I wanted to read about what causes MRSA outbreaks like this and how they are handled and prevented over time, then I could look for all of the different types of sources on the timeline (scholarly journals, books, reference books).

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