3.5 Narrowing My Search

Screen shot of filters on search results page I often get a large number of articles for my search and need to narrow down the results list using the options on the left side of the results screen. The database will show me how many articles it found at the top of the search results. If I have a large number, I need to narrow my results!

The limit menus to the left of my results let me do things like limit to full text or by date. Full text limits to articles available in the results and books or videos from the Library's collection. To limit by date—because I need the latest info—I can drag the left slider until the date range looks right or just type in the years that I want.

I can limit my results to articles appearing in scholarly or peer-reviewed journals by clicking the box next to Academic Journals. Another way to limit my results is to select specific types of sources. This list changes according to my results, but I can limit to magazines here if that's what I need.

One of the best ways to limit my search is to use the Subject menu. This menu will suggest other terms I can add to my search. If I'm not up on the latest jargon, this menu will let me know what terms and phrases doctors use to talk about MRSA.
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