4.7 Evidence-Based Practice

Does the study provide good evidence? That's the big question with evidence-based practice. In EBP, there are a lot of ways to rate evidence. I have some tips for that! In addition to the CRAAP Test I just talked about, there are five parts to evaluating the sources of evidence.
  1. Step 1: Ask. Find out what the study's research question is. Is it a good question? Is it designed to elicit a response or solution?

  2. Step 2: Acquire. Search for articles that have pre-appraised evidence or research. Find the best, most solid evidence that you can.

  3. Step 3: Appraise. Think critically about the articles and evidence you've found. Are they valid? Are they relevant?

  4. Step 4: Apply. What does the evidence recommend? How can the findings be applied to nursing practice?

  5. Step 5: Assess. Evaluate how you applied the evidence to nursing practice. Is your application valid? Relevant?

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