Welcome to the UVU Library!

I've learned a lot about the library since I first started school, and I hope I'll be able to save you a little time and frustration by sharing what I've learned. It's amazing how much easier research is once you learn a few basics!

Before we get started finding our sources and all the rest, I want to show you the Library's homepage. I find a lot of useful information there, and I think you'll find it helpful too!

Articles and Books

When I need articles, the databasesA searchable collection of records. This term generally refers to article databases, which are used to locate articles on different topics.question mark question mark are just a couple of clicks away with the drop down subject list or the complete list on the Articles tab. I can search the Library's books and videos by using the Books and Media search next to the articles. I'm going to show you a lot more about both of these later on!

Search box

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