Getting Help

The help tab in the navigation bar has a citation help link that shows me citation buildersA tool that can build simple citations for bibliographies.question mark question mark, online guides, and call numbersA combination of letters and numbers that act as addresses for books, CDs, videos, and other Library items. The Library uses a call number system that groups items together by subject and then places them in order on the shelf.question mark question mark the most current style manuals.

The link on the homepage to research guides will take you to lists of useful sources for different topics. Each guide shows me books, databases, and websites. These are great for helping me get started with my research.

If I ever need a refresher on my research, the link to tutorials shows me how to find books and articles, evaluate sources, and much more.

When I get stuck, the Get Help link in the navigation bar saves the day! It helps me get in touch with a librarian. I can email, call, text, or chat with them. I can also talk to a librarian at the reference desk on the first floor. They love questions!

Now that you know where to find things on the Library's web site, you're ready to learn more about doing research!

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