Welcome to the UVU Library!

I've learned a lot about the library since I first started school, and I hope I'll be able to save you a little time and frustration by sharing what I've learned. It's amazing how much easier research is once you learn a few basics!

Before we get started finding our sources and all the rest, I want to show you the Library's homepage. I find a lot of useful information there, and I think you'll find it helpful too!

Articles and Books

When I’m looking for books and articles for my research, I can use the OneSearch search box right on the Library’s homepage. I just enter keywords that describe my topic into the box and click the magnifying glass to get started. Articles databasesA searchable collection of records. This term generally refers to article databases, which are used to locate articles on different topics.question mark question mark specific to psychology research are just a couple clicks away by clicking the Databases button. I'm going to show you a lot more about these tools later on!

onesearch box

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