How to Cite: APA In-Text Citations

I've told you a lot about citations, so let's look at how you actually create a citation. Citation information appears in different places in a paper. In the text of my paper, I may include a footnote or an in-text citation that leads to the full citation. At the end of my paper, I include a bibliography, reference list, or works cited list, which has lists citations for the sources I used in my paper.

When I create an in-text citation, I will need to include the author's last name and the year of the publication. I will also need to include a page number for direct quotes and anything I paraphrase.

Generally, an in-text citation will include the following information: (Author, year)

Here's an example: (Friedman, 2011)

For direct quotes, I need to include a page number as well: (Author, year, p.)

A direct quote would look like this: (Friedman, 2011, p. 133)
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