Getting to Know the Literacies and Composition Department

Who Are We?

The Literacies and Composition Department is made up of three main groups: full-time faculty, adjunct faculty, and our support staff.

Full-Time Faculty are professors with Master's or PhD's in Rhetoric & Composition (academic lingo for the teaching and study of writing and other forms of communication). Our department takes pride in the quality of the professors we hire and employ, each member of our full-time faculty has a great passion and love for the work that we do and the subject that we teach.

As we teach more classes than our full-time faculty can staff, we also hire several different adjuncts to teach our 0890 and 1000 courses. Our adjuncts are expected to maintain a high level of professionalism and quality in the classroom, and we hold a variety of faculty-development workshops each semester to help keep all of our instructors up-to-date with the latest research and scholarship in the field of writing instruction.

Behind the scenes are some of the most important employees in The Literacies and Composition Department: Our Support Staff. Our administrative assistant and academic advisor work tirelessly to make sure that students have the information they need and that our courses work smoothly.

How Can I Can I Get in Touch With You?

If you'd like to meet in person:

  • The offices of our full-time faculty and our administrative assistant are located in the back hallway on the second floor of the Liberal Arts Building next to Developmental Math.
  • Our academic adviser can be found just down the hall from our offices on the main hallway.
  • Our adjuncts use a workroom on the first floor of the Liberal Arts Building, but will likely tell you a specific time and place on campus to meet with them.

Contacting Us Through Email or Phone:

Each of our staff has their own office phone number and university email address, which you can find by following the links in the above section.

Contacting Us Through Canvas:

Often the best way to get and stay in contact with your professor is to use the messaging feature of Canvas. Always ask your professor how they prefer to be contacted.