Student Help

"I need some help, what do I do?"

                         -Every College Student at Some Point


Outside shot of the UVU Wee Care Center

College can be difficult, frustrating, and confusing, especially for new students. One important step towards making it easier is Learning Strategies for Success.

In addition, there are a great many services and resources provided for you by UVU as part of your tuition. There's so many, in fact, that we couldn't possibly list them all here. Instead, here are some of the most commonly used services by our students and some explanation of how to use them to aid with our courses

The UVU Library

The UVU Writing Center

Accessibility Services

UVU’s department of Accessibility Services, located in the Losee Center, provides a variety of services, accommodations, software, and equipment to students with a wide range of disabilities.

If you have a disability and would like to know what services are available, if you feel that you might have a disability, or if you are just struggling with college and don’t know why, visit their offices or check out the Accessibility Services website.

UVU’s Accessibility Services are dedicated to helping all UVU students have a more successful college experience.

The IT Help Desk

Having problems with school computers, Canvas, accessing UVU’s internet or myUVU, or any other technology related questions?

Then UVU’s IT Service Desk is the place for you.

The IT Service Desk provides help:

  • In person through their office in BA-007
  • Live chat via their page on the UVU website
  • Or phone or email support.

Other Services:

UVU provides an amazing array of services for students, from childcare to banking, job boards to conflict resolution, career development to physical and mental health. Check out the UVU Student Page to see the lengthy list of services that you are eligible for as a UVU student.