80th students photo
80th campaign graphics
80th campaign graphics
80th campaign graphics
80th campaign graphics
80th campaign graphics
80th campaign graphics
80th campaign graphics
80th campaign graphics
80th campaign graphics
80th campaign graphics


Utah Valley University is 80 years young. And we’re ready to celebrate.

See, UVU’s history is full of people finding a place for themselves. In person and online, from athletics to the arts, we live to include everyone, create engaging educational experiences, and achieve dreams — one course, one program, one graduate at a time.

The 80th anniversary mark evokes this sense of finding one’s place, joining together in unity, and realizing that we are stronger together than we could ever be apart.

As we celebrate this milestone, this guide will help illustrate and emphasize the ways we continue to include, engage, and achieve.

80th campaign graphics: student raises hand in all green classroom.


80 Years: Include, Engage, Achieve

Since 1941, UVU has been helping students from all walks of life transform their futures. And not even a global pandemic has slowed us down. We’ve been through changes and had to adapt, but we’re as resilient and innovative as we’ve ever been — and we always rise to the challenge.

No matter what the world has been through, there’s still a place for you at UVU.

80th campaign graphics: compilation of students in all green settings.

Custom photography has been created for the 80th anniversary campaign. Some of the photo and video assets are available for use. Please contact [email protected] for access.


The purpose of this guide is to maintain a consistent and professional use of the 80th anniversary mark and assets. The 80th anniversary mark should only appear on UVU marketing pieces through July 2022.

Vertically stacked 80th campaign graphics
White 80th campaign graphics on green.

Clear space

To determine the clear space, the height of the UVU monogram has been defined as x. Clear space should be at least 1x around the mark.

80th campaign graphics spacing rules.

Minimum size

Use these measurements as a guide in sizing. In some situations, the reproduction method (over photography, embroidered, etc.) will determine that you cannot reproduce the logos this small.

The additional detail of the outlined 80th element of this logo requires that it is not placed as small in the design.

80th campaign graphic size guidelines.

The tagline

The Include, Engage, Achieve tagline can also be included as part of the primary messaging of our campaign. Files for the formatting seen here are also included in the logo folder.

80th campaign include engage achieve graphics
80th campaign tagline graphics white on green.

The fonts

The fonts for the 80th campaign are Stratum and DIN. Stratum is the university brand font, and it is a valuable tie back to standard UVU branding. DIN is a very readable font and pairs well with Stratum. DIN bold is the primary font used for campaign headlines.

80th campaign graphics stratum font example.

The web-safe font is Rajdhani, available at fonts.google.com Note: Rajdhani is built into the UVU web system - there is no need to add on sites at uvu.edu

80th campaign graphics din font example.

The web-safe font is Barlow, available at fonts.google.com

80th campaign graphics. We saved a seat for you.

When choosing a solid color to match the 80th photography, we suggest: CMYK: 43c 0m 73y 0k RGB: 143 202 115 HEX: #8FCA73

Social media

Turning 80 years old is a milestone worth celebrating! One of the best ways to celebrate is to keep the conversation going through social media. Here are a few guidelines as you take part in this year’s celebration.

1. Know your purpose

When posting 80th anniversary materials, keep the end in mind. What do you want your audience to understand from your post? Be sure to align the selected content with that purpose. If the photo or video you want to post won’t lead you to your end result, we have many other options to help you get there.

2. Tell our story

These photos represent the action commitments and story of UVU in an energetic, dynamic fashion. Create captions that help tell the story of UVU’s action commitments (include, engage, and achieve) in a tangible, relatable, and authentic way. Be sure your caption invites your audience to interact with your post. You know what type of engagement works with your followers, so use that to your advantage.

3. Boost your reach

One last item of business: Use the correct account handle and hashtag in your posts on each platform. On Instagram, tag @utah.valley.university; on Facebook and Twitter, tag @UVU; and on LinkedIn, type “@” then “Utah Valley University.” And by all means, include your associated UVU social account handles as well. For each of these platforms, use #UVUIs80 in the caption. Using the correct hashtag and handles will unify the social presence of the campus community.

80th campaign graphics on smart phone app.


There are various ways to apply the 80th campaign branding to your materials. A few of them using the logo and tagline assets are shown here.

When in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact University Marketing and Communications with your questions:

80th campaign logo and design questions:

[email protected]

Marketing, digital, and social media questions:

[email protected]

80th campaign graphics on image of night fireworks at parking lot graduation.
80th campaign graphics on image of two graduates in ragalia and masks.

When a simple, solid background allows for either logo to be applied, choose the logo based on the emphasis you want to make. The solid 80th carries most of the visual weight in the top logo, whereas the UVU monogram carries the greater weight when paired with the outline 80th logo.

80th campaign graphics on image of aerial photo of campus.

Some applications of the logo are not recommended. The outline logo is not effective when reproduced small, over photo detail.

Animated 80th campaign graphic.

A custom animated .gif email signature has been created for everyone to feel invested in the 80th campaign. To create your own signature, go to Email signature builder.

Thank you for celebrating with us! We’re thrilled to have your help in sharing the 80th anniversary campaign with the UVU community.

For additional information, please contact the University Marketing and Communications team.

[email protected] or [email protected]