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We bleed green.

Our brand appearance demonstrates our commitment to welcoming students and empowering them to achieve their dreams.

The UVU aesthetic is characterized by:

  • – Clean lines and logos
  • – Generous spacing
  • – Traditional, linear fonts
  • – Green, black, white, and silver colors
  • – Simple, stylish line icons and graphics

Consistency is a good look. To maintain our visual identity and build university recognition, follow the standards in this guide for all graphic design elements.

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Color Pallets

Go green. (But make sure it's the right green.)

Not just any green will do when it comes to maintaining UVU’s consistent brand presence; Pantone 7483 is the official UVU green. UVU’s color palette is green, black, white, and silver. All official university marks must be printed in these colors.

The secondary greens shown here are also part of our color palette. Use them to add a pop of grightness to the primary colors.

Primary Color Palette

Pantone 7483

CMYK: C83 M39 Y88 K34
RGB : 36R 93G 56B
Web Safe: #275D38
Cool Gray 6
50% Black

Secondary Green Color Palette

Pantone 348

CMYK: C87 M24 Y96 K11
RGB : 14R 131G 69B
Web Safe: #0e8345
Pantone 7738

CMYK: C74 M13 Y97 K1
RGB : 75R 162G 73B
Web Safe: #4ba249
Pantone 368

CMYK: C58 M1 Y96 K0
RGB : 120R 190G 72B
Web Safe: #78be48

Specialty Silver

Pantone 8001 — Metallic Silver

University Fonts

These fonts are recommended to support and maintain the consistency of the University identity. They offer the weight, character, and interest needed to build and support the identity. Use them to create consistency in branding.

Brand Fonts

Stratum is our primary university font, and our logo branding is based on it. Request access to our university license at Adobe Garamond is available through the Adobe Creative Suite  .

Institutional Primary
Stratum 1
Typography Stratum sample
Adobe Garamond
Typography Adobe Garamond sample

General Use Fonts

We want to make staying on-brand easy for you. To give you options that are readily available in all programs and web safe, the fonts listed here are all available free of charge and are easily downloaded from Google Fonts.

Institutional Secondary & Web
Rajdhani Web safe version to replace Stratum on web applications


Source Sans Available in Extra Light, Light, Regular, Semibold, Bold, Black


Source Serif Available in Extra Light, Light, Regular, Semibold, Bold, Black


Montserrat Available in Extra Light, Light, Regular, Medium, Semibold, Bold, Extra Bold, Black


Arial Available in Regular and Bold


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Print & Digital Templates

Download designs for your department or division

Need a UVU-themed marketing flyer on the double? No problem. Our ready-made design templates are user-friendly, on-brand, and high quality.



Patterns & Graphics

Graphics example

Stay on-brand with these additional background patterns and design elements.

Icon Library

Icon example

Use this library of over 200 icons representing every aspect of university life, to liven up your next print project or presentation.

Data Visualization

Data Visualization example

These simplified and easy-to-use tools and containers can help call out UVU’s distinct data in print and digital projects.

Design Kits

Design Kit image

Our ready-made design kits are user-friendly, on-brand, and high-quality designs available for you formatted in InDesign or PowerPoint.

UVU Cards

UVU Cards example

Show your appreciation with these UVU branded Thank You, Happy Birthday, or Congratulations cards.

Mission Statement Poster

Poster example

Have UVU’s core messaging at your fingertips by displaying this beautifully designed mission statement poster in your office.




Digital Signage

Signage example

Showcase your event or special announcement on the digital screens around campus with these easy-to-use pre-formatted templates.


Presentation example

Add a professional, branded touch to your emails. Customize your UVU email signature using this simple form.

Social Media Starter Pack

Social media example

Harness the power of social media to promote your department, project, or event with these essentials designed for various platforms.

Email Signature

Signature example

Add a professional touch to your emails with official UVU logos and branding.

Video Conference Backgrounds

Video background example

Upgrade your virtual conference calls and meetings with a professional UVU background image.



XD Web Templates

XD template example

Pre-made page templates can help make your life easier.