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The official suite of UVU PowerPoint and Keynote templates is provided as a resource to reflect the UVU brand, create consistency, and enhance professionalism.

Faculty, staff, and students are welcome and encouraged to use the UVU templates when communicating university-related content and presentations. You can download and use the templates to create custom content with a consistent look.

Each theme kit includes:

  • Design font
  • Icon library
  • University image library
  • Instructions on slide use
  • PowerPoint and Keynote files


  • Customizable charts & graphs
  • Title pages
  • Mix and match slide layouts
  • Interchangeable visual elements

Icon key:

= PowerPoint Format
  = Keynote Format

Exceptional Results 1 example
Exceptional Results 1 Template
Exceptional Results 2 example
Exceptional Results 2 Template
Golden Ratio example
Golden Ratio Template
Simple sample
Simple Green Template
Include example
Include Template
Achieve example
Achieve Template
Engaged light example
Engage (Light) Template
Engaged dark example
Engage (Dark) Template

Classic Themes

Note: Classic themes are blank PowerPoint-only presentations. They do not include pre-made photos/icons/charts/graphs, etc.
If you would like visual resources to use in you presentation, download the icon library and/or data visualization graphics .