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Utah Valley University seeks to clearly communicate and promote the brand and has assigned that trust to Trademarks and Licensing for the protecting, managing, and licensing of the university’s trademarks.

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Make it official.

A logo is often the first thing people notice when they see an asset. The UVU logo is simple, flexible, and recognizable — introducing our audience to the university and cementing our visual identity. Use the official versions of the UVU logo below to identify the university in different situations.

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University Logos


Square logo example

The square version of the institutional mark is the primary representation of the University. This should be your default choice in all situations where size, placement, and usage appropriately permit.


Horizontal logo example

Designed for limited situations, the horizontal logo is intended for special use when space or size constraints exclude appropriate use of the square logo.


Monograme example

A simple logo best used for audiences already familiar with the University. For audiences outside of Utah, the square logo is recom-mended over the monogram.


University Seal

University Seal

University seal example

The university seal symbolizes UVU’s growth from a vocational school in 1941 to the largest university in the state of Utah today. In general, save the seal for formal documents like diplomas and certificates. Contact us to request usage.


Secondary Marks

Secondary mark example

Symbolize your spot within UVU.

We use consistent logos across the university to showcase our shared campus culture. To highlight your department or division’s place within the UVU brand, you may use a customized secondary logo.

Check out the instructions below to learn how to order and display an approved logo.

How to Get a Secondary Symbol

Secondary logos can be ordered online at Orders must be approved at the AVP or associate dean level (or higher) and by University Marketing and Communications before they are created and released. Campus entities are not permitted to create their own logos.

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Secondary Logo Guidelines

  1. On materials for external audiences, the university logo must accompany secondary logos. Example: The secondary logo could be used on the front cover and the university logo on the back cover.
  2. The secondary logo may stand alone on materials for internal audiences (such as on-campus digital signage).
  3. Secondary symbols may be used on webpages but must not replace the institutional UVU mark in the primary header of the web templates.
  4. Secondary symbols are not to be used on letterhead, business cards, or envelopes.
  5. The same color and clear-space requirements that apply to UVU’s primary logo also apply to secondary logos.



We are the proud Wolverines.

We all love to cheer on our UVU student-athletes. But the guidelines for athletics branding are a little different from other university materials. Check out the following tips and instructions on how to use the Wolverine logo and athletic fonts and colors so we’re all cheering for the same team.


Wolverine athletic logo example

The Wolverine mascot is the most recognizable symbol of UVU in the athletic community. That means making sure the Wolverine is used in the right colors, sizes, and combinations.

Athletic Wordmark

Athletic wordmark example

UVU’s athletic wordmarks have been designed to stand alone or accompany the Wolverine.

Combined Wordmark

Athletics combo logo example

If you’re looking to use both the mascot and athletic wordmarks, they can be combined in the configurations shown here.