Meet the UVU Voice.

At UVU, we tell everyone to come as you are — there’s a place for you. Our brand voice reflects that philosophy. No matter what you’re writing, if the personality and emotion behind your words match that voice, you’ll be showing what makes us Wolverines.

The UVU voice is based on four principles:
Empower your audience: Project positive energy that empowers readers to reach their potential.
Be friendly: Embrace your audience and treat them as who they are — as individuals and part of the UVU community.
Rep the brand: Keep UVU at the forefront of all communication and messaging.
Be authentic: Appeal to your audience with honest and real communication.

When you use these principles in your writing, you’ll end up with messaging that sounds and feels like UVU’s voice. You don’t have to use all four in every message — consider your audience and objectives and select the most relevant principles.

Keep your writing sharp.

Our university writing style guide can help refine your writing even more. If you’ve ever wondered about the official name of a building, when to spell out words instead of using numbers, or how to refer to a program or degree, we’ve got your back.

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Words matter.

When writing copy and headlines for UVU, consider not only the clarity and content of your message but also the feelings your words invoke.

Keep these words and emotions in mind as you write to help guide you in the right direction.

UVU’s personality is:

  • – Approachable
  • – Authentic
  • – Curious
  • – Driven
  • – Engaged
  • – Inclusive
  • – Innovative
  • – Optimistic
  • – Passionate
  • – Purposeful

UVU's tone is:

  • – Knowledgeable, not stuffy
  • – Personal, not distant
  • – Genuine, not pretentious
  • – Clear, not ambiguous
  • – Accessible, not exclusive


You should also keep in mind UVU’s official mission statement, values, action commitments, and objectives. These drive everything we do. Read more here.

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