Use of Trademarks

Restricted UVU products and services

Utah Valley University reserves all rights to not approve or endorse the use of its marks in conjunction with products, merchandise, apparel, marketing, advertising, art, video, photography, graphic designs and language, listed under the following:

Could present an unacceptable risk of liability or present inherent danger –

  1. Products used to injure or kill.
  2. Firearms, weapons, fuels and explosive related.
  3. Inhibiting consumables; alcohol, drug substances, smoking, tobacco, and paraphernalia related.
    • Shot glasses are exempt under collectible display and toothpick holders.
    • Lighters are exempt under collectible display and camping use.
  4. Staple consumables, meats, and natural agricultural products – all types.
  5. Health related products – all types.
  6. Critical safety products that make direct health and safety claims.
    • Some products, meeting OSHA PPE requirements, can be excepted and exempt for commemorative event use and promotional display.

Jeopardizes the university’s position of neutrality as a state entity –

  1. Religion: religious affiliation, candidates, and issues.
  2. Politics: political affiliation, candidates, and issues.

Incites or produces imminent lawless, illegal, seditious, or illicit behavior and activities; or creates a hostile environment

  1. Obscene, profane, demeaning, degrading, defaming, discriminatory, hateful or implies discrimination
  2. Statements impugning other universities
  3. Gambling and lottery related (Currently illegal within the State of Utah)
    • Playing cards exempted under general gaming
    • Poker chips exempted under general gaming
  4. Sexually suggestive or explicit (acts, language, and third-party organizations) –
    • Pornography.
    • Child pornography.
    • Inappropriate slogans and phrases imprinted on products.
    • The configuration of certain novelty items or apparel products.
  5. Drug paraphernalia related substances.
  6. Containing another entity’s name, logos, or registered trademarks unless explicit written permission has been granted from that entity.
  7. Promotes or incites the armed resistance of rebellion against an established authority of the nation, state, city, or campus.

University’s Additional Rights

The university additionally reserves all rights to prohibit and prevent any other uses that it deems inappropriate, inconsistent, harmful, obscene, disparaging, or detrimental to the university’s mission; that misrepresents the university and its alumni, students, employees, representatives, sponsorships, partnerships, and associations; or that would tend to lower the reputation or degrade the good will, integrity, brand, brand equity, brand value, or image of the university.


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