• If you would like to get you information displayed on the Faculty and Staff page or the Students page, you will need to submit a request.
  • Requirements are in place to help maintain and support the UVU identity, as well as staying in line with responsive design requirements, Please visit sliders page for more information.
  • BEFORE YOU SUBMIT check list

  • File types – .jpg only

    (not .pdf, .png, .doc, .JPG, .jpeg, etc.)

  • Size – 810 x 310px
  • Word count maximum of 20.

    This includes any text in graphics or logos that are included in the artwork of the advertisement.

  • URL for web sliders required
  • Purpose

  • The purpose of the web sliders on the audience pages is to allow parties within the university to broadcast audience-specific messaging to either the student body or the faculty and staff of UVU. These sliders serve to inform each particular audience as well as to call users to perform an action (e.g. “learn more,” “apply now,” or “click here”). All communication through these web sliders aims to further University initiatives.
  • The following guidelines are established by SWAT and upheld by the University Web Coordination Team and SWAT. They exist to ensure the ongoing value of the advertising space of the sliders on UVU’s audience pages. Adherence to all guidelines regarding content, purpose, design, and timing are essential to the University community’s ability to develop and maintain the value of the space to advertisers and their audiences.
  • Approval Process

    • Submissions will be received and reviewed by the Web Coordination Team. Any submissions requiring additional attention to guidelines will be rejected with notice to its respective submitter. Notice of rejection will include reasoning for rejection and may suggest resubmission of a revised version.
    • Review process
    • Weekly, the Web Coordination Team will meet to review the pending submissions for the sliders. Submissions that best meet both University initiatives and these guidelines will be chosen for the sliders.
    • In case of a rejected submission, the submitter will be notified via email. In addition to being notified of the rejection, the correspondence will include direct feedback from the sliders guidelines for additional information about resubmitting revised content for a second review.
  • Resources

    • To create a smooth transition from the current system feeding the audience page sliders, Marketing will set up a meeting with those areas around campus that we expect will frequently submit to the sliders. This meeting will take place to establish and address concerns, fulfill any training needs for the system, and communicate available resources for a better user experience.
    • For those entities around campus without adequate design resources or to help design work meet slider guidelines without extensive work, Marketing’s Creative Services will create design options/internal templates meeting the needs of the advertiser and suitable for the slider guidelines.
    • Marketing’s Creative Services will create a bank of images and background designs for the convenience of the university community in creating ads for the sliders that meet visual requirements. These assets will be available through the marketing website. See also

Submit Your Ad


About the Sliders

  • In an effort to democratize the presentation of the ads within each slider, we can apply a shuffle the presentation of the content with each viewing. To ensure the visibility of each slot in the ad space, a limited number of slots may be made available for 6 seconds per showing. Each slide will run for a maximum of two weeks, ending sooner if an earlier date is included in the submission. Any party who wishes to display their slider for a longer duration must resubmit their slider for a second run of two weeks following a one-week break.
    • With disclaimer including which qualifications will need to be met by submissions in order for them to be considered for publication on the audience page sliders.
    • The Strategic Web Action Team (SWAT) will govern the use and development of the audience page web sliders for internal advertising purposes. Submissions will be reviewed and selected in the weekly meeting of the Web Coordination Team. Feedback will be given to submitters following that selection process each week.
    • All submissions made by Friday at 5pm will be reviewed for selection by the Web Coordination Team. Selected submissions will be published the following Friday and will run for two weeks unless otherwise specified.
    • Submissions may be published to one audience page or the other. Submitter must specify which audience best fits their message and intention in advertising.
    • For completion, the submission form will require the person submitting content to provide their name and email address, their department, and the name and email of the supervisor who approved their ad.
    • To represent University initiatives and maintain the value of the audience page web sliders as an internal advertising space, all submissions will be scrutinized for seriousness, inclusivity, engagement, and student success as well as for their compliance with the slider guidelines. Submissions may be denied for reasons of applicability, timeliness, and appropriateness. Appeals for denied submissions may be made directly to the Web Coordination Team. Contact ( to submit an appeal.
  • Content Guidelines

    • Content within the audience page web sliders pertaining to events and happenings around campus must be of interest to all viewers of the respective audience page. Submissions must include audience-relevant, actionable content. Submissions will be scrutinized based upon the interest of the current student body, faculty and staff, and university initiatives.
    • Actionable content includes a call to action of the viewer (e.g. “learn more,” “apply now,” or “click here”). Each ad’s call to action must correspond with the content on the URL included in the submission.
    • File Name – files will be submitted with a title that conforms with the following: lowercase letters only, no spaces, dashes or underscores permitted, must not begin with a number
    • File types – .jpg only (not .pdf, .png, .doc, .JPG, .jpeg, etc.)
    • Size – 810 x 310px
    • Color Profile – RGB
    • Font size/ color/ typeface
    • Header size: (minimum size 20px, maximum size 40px)
    • Paragraph size: (minimum 20px)
    • Headlines wrap no more than three lines
    • Labels or tags included in the top left corner
    • Word count maximum of 20. This includes any text in graphics or logos that are included in the artwork of the advertisement.
    • URL for web sliders required
    • Images must be appropriate for the advertising space. This includes being discernable on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.
    • All slides must abide by UVU’s branding style guide. Any logo or branding artwork that does not comply is subject to exclusion. Institutional logos and secondary marks should not be included.
    • We require appropriate use of images including background images, copyrighted images, images of students, stock images, etc. Submitting parties are responsible for images submitted as a part of their advertisement artwork.
    • Our aim is to develop and maintain the value of this space as an advertising opportunity. We want you to be able to reach your audience effectively. As such, we reserve the right to reject your ad based on typeface, font, colors, images, word count, timeliness, and content.