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Please help us serve you better by scheduling with us 1 - 6 months in advance.

Studios & Broadcast Services operates on a first come, first served basis within our available resources. We may not be able to complete all requests if resources are not available.

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What is the date, time and location of the event?

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Will there be any kind of musical or other special demonstration we should be aware of?
Is there time scheduled before the event for us to set up (1 hour for single camera or at least 4 for multi camera)? ?
Do you need a live feed projected on the screens?
Will there be a PowerPoint?
If yes, would you like us to shoot the screen, or edit the PPT in after?
Will there be Q&A or other audience participation?
Will you need a Blu-ray or DVD of the video?
Do you want this be posted to UVU's YouTube channel?
Has the presenter given permission to be recorded and notified they will need to sign a release?
Any other special considerations we should be aware of?
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