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Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I Course Objectives

  1. Convert measurements within a system of measurement and from one system of measurement to another. 
  2. Find the perimeter and area of plane figures. 
  3. Identify basic geometric figures and solids and their properties. 
  4. Solve triangle problems involving the concepts of congruence and similarity.
  5. Do elementary geometric constructions using a variety of tools. Solve applied right triangle problems using the Pythagorean Theorem. Graph a linear equation in the Cartesian Coordinate System. 
  6. Solve applied problems involving probability, permutations and combinations, and mathematical expectation. Summarize data in frequency distributions and stem-and-leaf plots. Find measures of central tendency such as the mean, median, and mode. Find measures of dispersion such as the range and standard deviation. 
  7. Identify symmetries of plane figures. Draw and analyze tessellations based on various polygonal regions. 
  8. Find the surface area and volume of solids. 
  9. Perform basic isometries of the plane.


The second semester of the mathematics course for elementary teachers; includes topics on probability, statistics, geometry and measurement.

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