Department Vision

The UVU mathematics programs are designed to provide a strong foundation in mathematics that will support our students in many disciplines. The Department of Mathematics offers a wide range of courses to the student planning to complete an AS or BS degree in Mathematics or the sciences.

A career in mathematics, except for teaching at the secondary level, generally requires a graduate degree. However, graduates with a bachelor´s degree in mathematics and a strong background in a related discipline, such as computer science, statistics, or engineering, can expect good employment opportunities. Mathematicians are called upon to do many different types of jobs that require good reasoning ability and good communication skills. Mathematicians might teach, work in research and development laboratories, become computer programmers or systems analysts, or they might decipher encryption systems. Each new technological breakthrough reveals exciting new applications of mathematics, giving rise to an ever-increasing array of employment opportunities for mathematicians.

The Department of Developmental Mathematics (a separate department from ours) offers MAT 1010, Intermediate Algebra, as well as review and preparatory nontransferable mathematics courses for students who need to strengthen their mathematics skills before entering MAT 1010. See the Developmental Mathematics section of our current catalog for a complete listing of their courses.