Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Mathematics is to provide an innovative and supportive environment where students can develop a thorough understanding of and appreciation for the mathematical and statistical sciences. The department endeavors to empower students through the mastery of core content and the ability to apply their knowledge.

To this end, the department strives to provide quality instruction that builds a rigorous and comprehensive foundation for a diverse student body preparing to enter a variety of professions. In particular, the department is devoted to maintaining a strong undergraduate and graduate curriculum that provides a broad spectrum of courses in pure and applied mathematics, math education and statistics, in order to support

  •  Students fulfilling their quantitative literacy component of their undergraduate education. 

  • Students fulfilling the mathematical curriculum component of their majors. 

  •  Students majoring in mathematics or statistics who intend to utilize their disciplines in industry or graduate study.

  •  Students completing elementary and secondary mathematics teacher preparation programs.

Furthermore, the department aims to build an environment that supports research in pure and applied mathematics, math education, and statistics by facilitating and promoting the scholarly activities of its faculty and students.