Degree in Math Statistics


Use and analyze data from Biology, Economics, Business, Sports, Psychology and many other fields.

Available both fall and spring semesters and open to all students.

The Department of Mathematics is pleased to offer a B.S. degree in Statistics. Statisticians assist in the collection and analysis of data thus providing decision makers information on which to base decisions. Knowledge of statistics and data handling helps students in almost every discipline. There are many opportunities in the job market for students with a degree in Statistics, and the program is ideal as preperation for a graduate degree in Statistics in any major university. The degree offers a wide variety of applied and theoretical courses in statistics, including statistical computing using both SAS and R programming.


  • Manufacturing - Statistical Process Control: A field begun by Dr. W. Edward Deming who played a leading role in Japan's industrial transformation following World War II.
  • Marketing - Big Data Analytics are revolutionizing marketing and sales
  • Sports Analytics - Professional Sports teams are hiring individuals with advanced degrees in statistics to help with player evaluation, in-game strategies, and more.
  • Medical Research - Biostatisticians are involved in cutting-edge cancer research.
  • Government - Sample surveys for estimating and projecting important economic indicators.
  • Be your own Boss - Many statisticians are self-employed as satistical consultants.
Stats on a Window

Great prospect for entering a Masters program and highly paid jobs.

Salaries: (Masters and Doctorates)

Percentile Annual Salary Years of Experience
20th $91,000 3
25th $113,000 9
50th $150,000 18
75th $200,000 30
90th $293,000 36

Source: 2015 Salary Survey of Business, Industy, and Government Statisticians (

"Statistics is the grammer of science". - Karl Pearson

"The best thing about being a statistician si that you get to play in everyone's backyard". - John Tukey

"The laws of chemistry and physics are statistical throughout". - Erwin Shrodinger (Nobel Prize winder in Physics)

"Quantum Theoretical Laws must be of statistical kind". - Werner Heisenberg