Undergraduate Research

What is this all about?

Welcome to Mathematics Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research (UR)

The UVU Math Department offers Undergraduate Research opportunities that are aimed toward involving and engaging students in research problems on various topics.

The Undergraduate Research experience provides students with opportunities to:

-       work closely with the math department faculty on a research project,

-       engage in active learning outside of class settings,

-       develop important skills and deepen their knowledge in a particular area,

-       experience what it means to be part of an engaged research community,

-       explore career choices,

-       present their work with audience within and beyond UVU,

-       publish their work.

All of these opportunities greatly benefit and enrich students involved in Undergraduate Research.

If you want to receive updates and info on undergraduate research please contact us.

Students who are interested in getting involved in Undergraduate Research should explore the topics of interest (Undergraduate Research Topics) and contact the appropriate faculty as soon as possible.