Math Lab Resources

The Math Lab provides students with access to a number of resources when they visit including textbooks, calculators, markers, and a number of other items that can be checked out from the Math Lab for free. In addition to the resources available from the Math Lab there are a number of places that a student can visit online to help them in math and other courses including resources available on campus as well as from the larger internet community.

UVU Resources

There are many resources available to UVU students right here on campus or on the UVU website. Most of the links you will find are for areas around campus that help students with either their math or broader study skills but there are also some that provide information about the other resources from across campus ranging from gym memberships to computer labs to health services; all of which are available to UVU students for either a minimal fee or free.

Web Resources

In addition to the resources found on campus there are many wonderful resources to help with math that can be found on the internet. All of these links are from external websites and are in no way affiliated with the Math Lab or UVU. We have just found that they have information that can be used to help a student better learn and understand math concepts.