Tutoring Services

Tutoring Services

Drop-in Tutoring

The UVU Math Lab provides both face-to-face and online tutoring sessions on a first come, first serve basis. The lab is open as a free study space on campus. No appointment needed! Tutoring services are free and available to all UVU students, as well as prospective students and members of the community.

Tutoring sessions begin with our tutors asking about your assignment and your concerns. Then, we will work with you on the problems and concepts that you are struggling with. We can also work through practice problems with you and then give you a chance to work through some on your own. We are not a homework checking service and we cannot help with any take-home tests or quizzes, but we are happy to help you work through concepts so you will be ready to solve problems on your own. Bring your textbook, class notes, and assignment instructions from your teacher (if applicable). Come with a desire to learn and a positive attitude, and you will get the most out of your tutoring session. Students who come to the Math Lab regularly perform better in their classes.

Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an academic support program that is offered for certain sections of difficult UVU courses. Having SI as a part of your class gives you access to an SI leader and SI sessions. Your SI leader is a student who has successfully taken the course you are in, usually from the same professor. They attend class with you to make sure they’re caught up on material and understand your professor’s expectations, then plan and organize SI sessions for you to attend each week.

SI sessions are like study groups—they are facilitated by your SI leader but run by the students. SI is where you practice what you’ve learned: you’ll go over the week’s difficult material through problems, activities, and collaboration. SI sessions are held in classrooms, computer labs, or conference rooms, usually in the same building where your class is held. You don’t have to attend SI sessions, but we think you should give it a try during the first 3 weeks of the semester to see what it’s all about! Students who come to SI sessions regularly perform up to one full letter grade better in their classes.

Center Policies

Student Rights and Responsibilities

All students are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the UVU Student Rights and Responsibilities. As stated in the Policy, “Members of the student body should exercise their freedoms with personal responsibility." Students found in violation of the Rights and Responsibilities policy will be immediately reported to Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution and any other appropriate campus entity.

The Math Lab supports and follows all policies regarding academic honesty and ethics. Any situation where a student’s academic honesty is in question will be reported directly to the course instructor.

The Queue

Students should sign in to the lab using The Queue. This system keeps track of student requests and allows our tutors to serve students in the order that requests are received. The Queue also tracks the average wait time for the lab so that students with time constraints can evaluate if they have time to receive help. Students must already be checked in to the lab in order to enter The Queue.


The Math Lab provides free tutoring for UVU students, prospective students, and members of the community. If you are not a UVU student, please check in at our front desk before your first session so we can get you into our system.

Proctoring Exams

The Math Lab does not proctor exams or make-up work. All arrangements regarding class examinations or make-up work should be coordinated through Testing Services.

Grading Assignments

Math Lab tutors will not take responsibility for, guess at, or assign value grades to your homework assignments. Only your course instructor and teaching assistant may assign grades. However, multiple visits to the Math Lab will increase your chances of getting a better grade.


If you need to speak to someone regarding your tutorial experience, please contact either the Math Lab Director, Nathan James, or the Math Lab Coordinator, Miles Spencer.